About Us

"DR3AM3RS - Dream More Sleep Less" is an worldwide brand that motivates people to make their Dreams a Reality.  We strongly believe that dedicating any amount of time each day to your dreams, goals, and purpose will eventually transition your life into a healthy, wealthy, and rewarding life. We thrive by keeping God First and we give back by consistently creating opportunities for our Kings and Queens of all ages to fulfill their dreams. 

DR3AM3RS is a Black Owned Business and Our clothing brand represents the Kings and Queens we are meant to be. We were founded in 2016 by our CEO and Founder Rashaud McCray Sr.

CEO Rashaud says that "after so many years of oppression in our culture its time to realize that our generation represents the rise of the DR3AM3RS!"

Being a DR3AMCHAS3R is the mindset of believing you can do anything you put your mind to, and then taking Action to do it!!! Wearing our brand will motivate you to chase your Dreams. 


The number 3 represents Trinity. Trinity means "three in one" and God is the Trinity because He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. DR3AM3RS knows that all things are possible when we do it with God.


DR3AM3RS is so much more than apparel. We are a worldwide brand and we focus on holistically motivating our culture to find their Purpose and Chase their DR3AMS!

There are 5 branches we use to accomplish this:

1. DR3AM3RS Apparel - "When you wear our products, you feel motivated to make your Dreams a Reality"

2. DR3AM3RS Travel - "Traveling with us allows you to be inspired by other DR3AM3RS as well as take a peak at your current environment from a birds eye view"

3. DR3AM3RS Photography - "During life's journey it is important to celebrate milestones! DR3AM3RS Photography helps you capture moments you feel are important to remember"

4. The DR3AM3RS Foundation - "Our Non-Profit 501C is launching in 2020. The ultimate goal is to open physical DR3AM3RS Resource Centers in every major city. These Resource Centers will focus on Financial Literacy, and providing the necessary Resources, Tools, Networks, and under special circumstances Funding for any person trying to make their Dream a Reality" 

5. DR3AM Beauty Bar - "Our wonderful first lady Jasmine McCray is extremely gifted and provides beauty services to the Queens in our community. An experience with DR3AM Beauty Bar is important because it directly empowers the Queens of our culture"

"DR3AM3RS - Dream More Sleep Less"


For inquiries, contact us at dm.sleepless@gmail.com

Please allow 48 hours for all emails to be answered!