DR3AM3RS Foundation

The DR3AM3RS Foundation

10% of proceeds will be donated to The DR3AM3RS Foundation.

Thank you for your continued support to the DR3AM3RS clothing and apparel line. There is  no greater feeling than supporting a Black Business with a Purpose. The money you spend with us is being used to change lives by inspiring more people to chase their dreams. 

Our Non-Profit 501C is launching in 2020. The vision of “The DR3AM3RS Foundation” is to launch physical DR3AM3RS Resource Centers in every major city.

These DR3AM3RS Resource Centers will be innovative centers styled and operated in a similar fashion as an Apple store. Equipped with seating areas, table space, Free Wi-fi, and Mac-books /I-pads  available for ‘DreamChaser’ use. (DreamChaser = One seeking guidance to pursue a dream).

Each ‘DreamChaser’ that enters the center seeking assistance, will be greeted and scheduled an appointment time with a resource counselor.  Once a ‘DreamChaser’ is assigned a resource counselor, the resource counselor will sit and consult about the ‘DreamChaser needs’. ‘DreamChaser needs’ will include things such as Resume Assistance, Help with Finances, How to Start a business, and much more….  

The DR3AM3RS Foundation goal is provide Scholarships, Financial Education, Entrepreneur training, and provide small business owners with the resources and tools needed to make their Dreams A Reality.

To support The DR3AM3RS Foundation you can purchase items from our store and allow 10% of your checkout total to be donated to the foundation.

Or for corporate/individual donors simply donate to us directly by emailing dm.sleepless@gmail.com to inquire about the donating process. 

All emails are answered within 48 business hours.

-  The DR3AM3RS Team